Sunday, June 7, 2009


it's a tennis world

I am girl who likes playing tennis, watching tennis and everything about tennis. many people know me as tennisgirl or Tennis Gal. I started playing tennis with my Dad and fell in love with the game. It is such a fun to hang out with your Dad like that. Tennis is so much fun and it is also ejercise at the same time.

Not long after I got into the tennis world - IT'S A TENNIS WORLD - I started visiting tennis tournaments with my Mum. I like watching tennis matches on tv but being at the tournament is something totaly else - the excitement, the crowd cheering, amazing shots by tennis players,hanging with my MUM, is pure fun. I saw and met many tennis players so far but my favorite ones are two F's as i named them David Ferrer and Juan Carlos Ferrero. I met them both and they are not just a fantastic tennis players but also a top A person. Really humble guys and always good to other tennis players and fans.

Believe it or noy I also met my husband because tennis. We met online while cheering at Ferrero's online furum - he is his favorite tennis player. We liek playing tennis together and cheering like crazy for our favorite players. We also named ourselves TENNIS LOVING COUPLE and we like teaching kids how to play tennis.

what can i say - it's a tennis world.


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  2. thank you for visiting me jan erik
    i will for sure check your blog too

    take care

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