Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hi to everybody. First what is Umag Open for all of you that might not know it. Umag Open is my Favorite tennis tournament - atp tournament - that is profesional man tennis tournament. I visit it every year with my Mum and i have tons of FUN there.

Watching tennis live and seeing my favorite tennis players is really something I enjoy doing. It is not the only tournament me and my Mum visit but is my favorite one beside Valencia Open.

Umag Open happens every summer and it takes place in Croatia, Umag. It is one of the most relax tennis tournaments where you can talk with your favorite tennis players and get pictures with them.

Why am I missing it this year? I just got married and I have to wait for visa in Usa and untill my papers are ready I can not travel outside of Usa. My Mum, family and friends will be there cheering for me too and taking some pictures so I can be a part of it atleast like that.

And my favorite tennis players will be there to - DAVID FERRER & JUAN CARLOS FERRERO. I really hope one of them wins this year. I wish i could get new pictures with them and cheer for them in person but this year it will be for far away.

But Umag is not fun only because of the best tennis tournament out there. It is a really nice vacation place to visit and has a lot to offer from places to see, food, sport, relaxation,... I recomend it to everybody.


and everybody in Umag have fun for me too

greetings from California

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